Choosing Modern Furniture Based on Interior Styles

Selecting modern furniture, interior styles, and other supporting features are the important parts of designing a room. Choosing furniture carelessly without consider the whole parts of the room would end up in ruining your room looks. You can use these ideas on choosing your modern furniture based on interior styles before starting your home interior project.

modern furniture

Decide on Your Interior Style

First of all, deciding your interior style is the first step on decorating your living room or other rooms. Do you want to create a classic and country-side looks? Do you want a rustic bedroom with modern touch? Or do you want a modern and stylish living room? After you decided how your room looks, the furniture will depend on it.

Modern furniture is focusing on simplicity with emphasizing the clean lines, geometric curves, and sleek surfaces. Unlike the classic pieces which only use natural resources such as hardwood, modern furniture have constructed with new materials including metals, glass, plastics, plywood, and many others. It will emphasize the modern life while even fitting the classic styles of the room.

Planning Your Room

Making a floor plan is important to decide the placement of items in the room. Whether using grid paper or sketchbook, draw how much space you want to spare for furniture. Draw with some different way of placements as long as the furniture will fit into your room. Don’t forget to leave a free space at least one meter between furniture as a path for you walk in and out.

Check the doorways, so your furniture placement won’t block the ways or the worst is can’t fit when delivered. Check also your window or other elements such as fireplace. Then, tape the floor as the place for your potential furniture, so you can get a better visual. Take a note. Consider how your room will be used. For example, if you have lots of kids, you better avoid buying fragile piece and choose a sturdy one.

Decide What Kind of Furniture You Want to Purchase

As you decide the space for them, you should also decide what kind of furniture you want to purchase. Do you want to purchase long sofa, love seat, sectionals, chaise, or wing back chairs for seating. Choose what kind of coffee table, from hardwood, glass, metal, or the combination. As long as the furniture will fit the space you’ve measured.

Next is matching the appearance with the interior styles. For example, you want to go for modern rustic living room. Since the key characteristic of rustic room is the appearance of natural materials including wood and stone, so the modern touch from furniture should be neutral which blend the natural feeling. Avoid upholstery of the sofa which full of pattern or print.

Another example if you have a small room which you’ve chosen modern stylish styles. The room is usually aimed with the style to make it more spacious. Choose the types which expose the legs to evoke an airy feeling. Small sofa with simple arms or glass and metal coffee table with fit perfectly to your small room.

Fit the Color Scheme

Last is choosing the color of the furniture. You can make them blend with the room. You can also make your furniture as focal point. If you choose the right color, the furniture will support the room interior. If not, you might feel embarrassed to enter your own room.

For example, in a living room sofa is usually the highlight. If your room style is stylish and chic with white background, you can choose the one with vibe shades to make it as focal point. Sofa with vibe color such as tangerine, red velvet, lime, blue sky, or others, will enhance the chic style of the room.

But if your room style is calm and elegant, vibe shades furniture will ruin the looks. Furniture with neutral shades is usually the most choice of this kind of the room. White walls with wooden flooring, black or light brown sofa will support the room’s feeling.

Choosing modern furniture, interior styles, and other things as part of designing a room can be tricky. You need a lot of considerations before purchasing any of them. Try to follow the tips above and choose the right pieces for your room.

Some Bedroom Painting Ideas

Bedroom painting is possibly the cheapest and the most fun way to remodel a bedroom. There is no new furniture that you have to buy and add to your bedroom and once the painting job is finished, your bedroom will have an entirely new look. Because the color of your bedroom walls affects, among other things, your mood, painting a bedroom will also give your bedroom an entirely new feel.

bedroom interior

There are some important things to mind when painting a bedroom. You have to choose the right color for the paint, the painting technique that you want to use, the type of paint that you want to use, and the type of paint finish for the paint.

1. Choosing the right paint color

You can choose any desired color when painting your bedroom; however, it is recommended that you pay attention to the size of your bedroom when choosing the color. Dark shades will hardly be compatible with small bedroom as they make the room look cramped. Brighter shades, on the other hand, will create an illusion of space. You can pick any color that you like if your bedroom is large enough, though you have to mind the room decor because the color of the wall is expected to be in conformity with the decor as well. In general, neutral colors will work with most types of room decor.

2. Water-based or synthetic

There are three common types of paint usually used for painting a bedroom: water-based, acrylic and latex paint. Water-based is almost odorless. You can pick this paint if you hate the odor of new paint. If you prefer stronger and more stain-resistant paint, on the other hand, you should go with synthetic oil-based paint, though oil-based paint is rarely used today because of its strong odor, which makes a bedroom feel uncomfortable, and because a bedroom doesn’t actually need a durable paint since it is not considered a high-traffic area.

3. Choosing the right finish

Bedroom paint is available in various finishes, which basically determine how well the paint reflects light. Flat and matte finish is a low shine finish that usually doesn’t reflect much light at all, making it a good choice for hiding imperfections like small holes and bumps on wall. Eggshell finish is almost the same with matte, except that it is shinier and more durable. Satin finish makes the wall looks shiny like silk or satin. It is considered a durable finish that is suitable for areas with relatively high traffic. Its shine will reveal most imperfections that appear on wall. Glossy finish is the shiniest of all. It is rarely applied to wall because glossy paint is more suitable for furniture. Because a bedroom is considered a low-traffic area, matte or eggshell finish might be the best pick for painting it. A faux finish, which gives the wall a fake natural look, such as that of marble or stone, can also be something worth-considering.

4. Choosing the right painting technique

The most basic bedroom painting technique is to apply one color to the entire wall. You just need to soak the roller or brush in the paint and to apply it to the entire surface of the wall without doing anything else. You can always go with this basic technique; however, if you want to make your bedroom look more amazing, you may want to experiment with more advanced painting techniques. You can start with stencil. You can add a simple decorative painting job on the top or bottom border of the wall or in the middle of it with stencils. It is a fairly easy technique to apply because you only need a plate with cutout design. If you have an artistic skill, you can also try to draw murals on the wall. Try those advanced painting techniques to give your bedroom an artistic touch.

With knowledge of all important aspects of bedroom painting, you should be able to figure out how you will paint your bedroom. If you are hiring a handyman to paint your bedroom, bedroom painting knowledge should help you gather everything necessary to ensure the results you wish for.

Some Options for Hardwood Flooring Project

wooden floor

Hardwood flooring maybe becomes one option which people can choose for their home flooring for various flooring options which people can find nowadays. It is not kind of flooring option which comes with cheap price but there are still many people who make this flooring as the option for their home flooring. There are some reasons which make people choose the hardwood flooring after all. Hardwood flooring becomes the perfect option of flooring if people are looking for the flooring which can offer them with comfort. The warmth which can be brought by the hardwood flooring surely will be able to help people get better comfort in their home. Of course it will also be useful for increasing the luxury look in the house. The most important thing is that the house which has hardwood flooring can have higher value when it is sold. There are some stunning ideas which people can use when they want to install the hardwood flooring in their home.

Wide Planks
People can find various options of the hardwood flooring but maybe people will not consider the wide planks as the hardwood flooring which will be installed in their home. However, recently people can see the increasing popularity of the wide plank flooring. It is chosen by many home owners for enhancing the comfort and beauty of their home after all. There are some reasons which make people choose this type of hardwood flooring for their home. Beauty becomes the biggest reason which makes people choose this type of hardwood flooring but people also make this option as their choice because there are fewer seams which can be found from this type of hardwood flooring. The wide planks flooring is offered in various wood types. The wood types can be chosen according to the design of the house of course. If people want to get the rustic look in their home, they should choose the distressed wood plank for their flooring.

Reclaimed Pine
When people choose the hardwood for their flooring, they actually will consider about the comfort and beauty which can be brought by this flooring option. Because it comes with natural look, people will be able to feel the beauty and comfort when it is applied on their flooring. However, people cannot forget about the environmental aspect which is also brought by the hardwood for flooring. Instead of using the flooring for hardwood which is made from freshly cut tree, it is better for people to choose the eco-friendly option with reclaimed pine. People can find the most reclaimed pine from the historical buildings and they will be able to add the historic touch into their home by installing the flooring for reclaimed pine. One thing for sure, people will also be able to get the luxurious look of their home simply by installing this flooring.

Maple Plank
The hardwood actually can be installed in any room in the house including the powder room although some people think that it can only be perfect to be installed in the bedroom or living room. In fact, people can create the powder room which has warmer look by installing the maple plank flooring. People maybe try to bring modern look in the powder room by using the linear mosaic tile in black and white for the powder room wall which can bring the cold look in this space. By installing the maple plank, the power room can get the warmth instantly. People just need to make sure that the maple plank is installed in the powder room which does not come with shower since the hardwood will not be the first choice for bathroom flooring.

Red Oak
If people are looking for the most popular flooring option from hardwood which is chosen by people for their home flooring, there is no question that red oak must be the answer. This flooring choice becomes very popular because it can coordinate with any kind of design style which is used in the house. It comes with beauty since it has the reddish tone. The most important thing is that it is also resistant to wear so it can be installed in the space which has high traffic including living room. This can be a safe option of hardwood flooring.

Basic Knowledge of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration will be important thing to do especially when people want to make sure that their house can be comfortable, beautiful, and safe at the same time. Water damage is not a great condition at all for the house. It can cause health problem not only for the residents but also for the building.

That is why people need to make sure that they perform the restoration for the water damage. Restoration for water damage can be a great thing to do. Professional help will be needed to perform this process but of course the homeowners also have to know more about some basic knowledge about the restoration of water damage.

  • Water Harm and Electricity Power

Water harm actually can affect various aspects of the house. We can make sure that the water harm can give bad effect to the building but people also have to be more aware that the water harm can affect the wiring installation in the house.

That is why people must not utilize the power if there is water harm condition in the house. Many people experienced the danger when they tried to use the electricity power. It is important for getting home investigation by the professional before they use the power.

If there is water harm, people can record this case with the insurance company so they can get repairmen. However, they have to understand that the insurance company will not cover every expense for the restoration. The dampness can be expelled from the house by contacting the organization of rebuilding administration.

  • Mold Development

People think that it takes long time for mold to grow in the building after the water damage so they do not think that they have to restore it immediately. In fact, people have to make a move against the water harm as soon as the surge. They need to do this rapid act because the mold development can be found within 24 hours.

  • Archive

People maybe will not think that they have to make archive about the water damage but it is sure that making the archive is very important in this circumstance. Pictures must be used for archiving the harm. It is needed for guaranteeing that the verification will be acquired.

It will not be that difficult to archive the water damage condition because people can simply use their phone or camera to take the pictures as proof.

  • How Long Away

There can be a time when people find about the water damage after they are away from home. They get shocked with their home condition due to the water harm. In this circumstance, people have to consider about the length of time when they are away from home.

People can be away from home because of their work or even just family vacation. Besides considering the time frame of the water harm condition in the house, people also need to envision about their feeling when they get home and find the water harm condition in their home. This will be needed for reporting need of water damage restoration.

Why Choose Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture is no longer novel these days. Commonly, homeowners choose this kind of furniture since it is easier for them to mix and match it with the theme of their house. Well, sometimes it is difficult for homeowners to find exactly the furniture that they need.

Most homeowners usually visualize the type of furniture that they want for the specific room in their house. Starting from the size, the shape, the material, and even the color, here are list of reasons why a lot of homeowners choose custom furniture for their house!

Custom Furniture and its Significance

When it comes to furniture, we all have reference. In this case, custom furniture is the only furniture that offers the ultimate service to cover your needs and taste at the same time.

The particular furniture is commonly made based on the order of the homeowners. The manufacturers provide a chance for the customers to customize their furniture including the shape, size, and color. If you have pets at home, you can also order furniture with fabrics that work better with the condition in your house.

The mass product offers homeowners no choice to explore their interests and tastes. In other words, customers can only choose from what is available in the showrooms. For that reason, custom furniture becomes one of the best options.

Furniture is not a primary needs. Most people buy furniture that would last for more than 2 years. That is why it is highly recommended for homeowners to get the exact furniture that they really want. Furthermore, maintenance is another factor to consider. You might be interested to read about dining room furniture maintenance here.

Have you ever thought that buying furniture could really tighten up the family relationship? Why? Many people are not really aware that custom furniture enables the family members to contribute their ideas and engage in the making of the product. Isn’t it great?

The Pro and Contra buying Custom Furniture

Well, like many other products and services in the market, custom furniture also creates pro and contra. The controversy relates to the types of custom furniture as well as the price.

Many homeowners are reluctant to buy custom furniture for several reasons. First of all, it costs more than the available furniture at a showroom. Homeowners, especially those with limited budget, usually will not make this kind of furniture as one of their choices and they would try to find the affordable ones. The waits also counted.

If you are not a patient person, perhaps buying this furniture is not the right thing to do. You need to wait minimum 2 weeks before you could place the furniture at your living room.

However, there are also homeowners who do not agree with the opinions. The price is not really that expensive. In fact, sometimes homeowners could get lower price or even if the price is higher than the available furniture, it is still affordable.

Above all, homeowners can get the exact furniture that they want and need; the shape, the size, color, and material. The custom furniture’s service is beneficial for homeowners.

Factors to Consider Before You Remodel Bathroom Floor

The majority of bathrooms perhaps do not come in big size but it happens to be one of the most functional spaces in a home. Since bathroom is used every day, it requires flooring which does not only emphasize on the functionality but also appearance.

Home that has nice bathroom with clean flooring usually has high selling rates in the market. That’s why having shiny and clean bathroom floor is pretty important.

Great flooring can turn your bathroom into comfortable yet lovely place to start and finish your busy day. However, the problem is bathroom flooring is prone to splashes, smoky showers, and humid condition which can lose its shine. Hence, you will require a remodeling to maintain the good appearance of the floor.

The difficulty of remodeling actually relies on how detail you want the bathroom to be. Yet, it usually requires longer time instead of difficult effort. Therefore, you need to consider some of the factors before having bathroom floor remodeling.

  • How you will use the bathroom

The function of the bathroom is actually the main thing you need to keep in mind. You have to know who will use the bathroom and how often it will be used. Don’t forget about the features that you want to add into this space as well.

Think about kind of spot you want to have for your morning and evening cleaning. For instance, if you want to remodel the master bathroom, you need to choose type of flooring which can withstand from wet steps but also spills and drops of makeup items.

For children bathroom, the floor you select should be the ones that can endure frequent splashes and water overflows since they like playing water. However, guest bathroom needs type of floor which can stand up heavy traffic and high moisture.

  • What style of bathroom you like

You need to think how the bathroom will look like. If you want to remodel a master bathroom, decide type of flooring which depict your style. It might be traditional style with natural materials touch, contemporary, or retro style with simple materials.

It is different from children bathroom which need to be fun and playful. However, for guest bedroom, you need to pamper them by presenting a bathroom with sophisticated or glamour look since it will build their impression to your overall home.

If you have known the style of the bathroom, you can do some observations and collect flooring samples to look for the best floor. For instance, you can consider whether to use concrete or patterned, fair or dark, and refined or textured type.

  • How much money you need

You need to estimate how much money you need for the remodeling. If it is for your own home, you can go with sophisticated floors since it can be your investment. However, if you want to sell the house you can choose floors which can give you more benefit.

You can estimate the budget by measuring the space and dimension of bathroom. However, you need to estimate additional costs as well such as for the installation in bathroom flooring remodeling.