How to Set Your Home Office Lighting

How make your home office lighting differently from commercial space lighting? The most mistake people do when they setting home office they are focus most into big purchase item such as desk, chair and the item for fillings system.

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Lighting for home office often becomes the last thing to consider. They do not realize that poor lighting in a home office can lead into eyestrain, headaches, and it can lead into mood enhancer. Create optimal lighting in your home office by consider several things below.

General tips for setting home office lighting

It’s all about layering when you setting lighting for home office. if you consider different activities in your home office, such as reading, work in computer, workshop desk, and many others, you will realize that the focus intensive task are not able to do with one light source alone. Instead, start setting your home office by illuminate home office with even and soothing warm and ambient light.

It will perfect to set your ambient lights with dimmer switch. This will make you get flexibility to adjust the light level depend on your activities type do and time of day. Second, add task lamps to supplement the central light source on desk and other importance spots.

The role of task Lamp in home office

Task lamp is purposed to give focused source light in specific activities. If you have large home office, and ranges of activities take place, it is best to install dedicated task light for each activities. The placement of your source light is important. It is important for avoid glare and shadows when install lighting.

To prevent shadows that created by task lamps, you can place the light on the opposite side from hand you use to write. If it located in same side your hand and arm will create shadows when you work in your desk.

Improve natural daylight in home office lighting

Natural light improves room ambiance, in addition it can helps to enhance the focus and productivity. In some room, natural light can create overwhelming glare, therefore you can accommodate with simple translucent blinds.

Do not place computer in front of window because it can lead into eyes stress from the brightness behinds that able to create too much contrast. The best position to place computer in on a desk which perpendicular into window.

Home office lighting ideas

Here is how you can cooperate your home office lighting.

· For your ambient lighting, you can consider choosing recessed or ceiling fixtures, mounted fixtures, sconces, or up lighting that will establish overall lighting level in the room.
· For task lights, you can consider desk lamps or floor lamp that located next to chair.
· The accent fixtures such as monopoint, small recessed wall light, or up light from floor.

When layer lighting, it is important for not distract the fixtures and light sources. You can choose one light source such as pendant lighting to make strong statement visually and choose the rest home office lighting option with accent or recessed lighting around the parameter. You might choose efficient LED light for the room.

4 Ways to Give Your Bathroom Some Retro Touches

Retro bathroom decorating style is coming back to the scene. Every part of the house can become more beautiful with some vintage touches, including your bathroom. It is never easy to decorate a bathroom, especially with something so unique and different. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

If you can blend these 5 elements well, you can have the most beautiful retro bathroom in the world.

Splash Some Bright and Pastel Colors

Retro is all about glam, brightness and happiness, so to create the best retro bathroom, you must incorporate some bright and pastel colors. Orange or red is the best color for this style. But orange and red are very risky for bathroom especially if size is an issue. So, you should combine it with some pastel colors like salmon, blue or pale yellow. Some retro styles for living room you can find here.

If you want to be safe and you need a color that scream retro in an instant, go with turquoise. Turquoise is the ultimate retro color and you can apply it either on the ceiling, the sink, the bathtub or even all over the bathroom.

Play with Tiles

Retro bathroom decorating style is incomplete without a great tile work. In fact, tiles are the main characteristic of retro bathroom. If you don’t want the bathroom to look super vintage, it is best if you choose glass tiles with lime colors. It stays true with the retro style but possesses some modern touch in the same time.

But if you want to totally devote yourself to the retro, use the usual pastel colors for the walls. You can choose similar colors for the sink and bathtub to create harmony, but you can also choose something softer to create an attractive combination. Tiles can be very hard to clean if the grime has accumulated. So, make sure you clean your tiles regularly from soaps and water splashes.

Distressed Furniture

Distressed furniture is a must in retro bathroom decorating style. A simple chair or medicine box is enough to add more vintage style in the bathroom. But if you want to create stronger statement, you can try putting a distressed vanity in front of the mirror. You can install submerged sink above the vanity to save space and to add more old time atmosphere in the room.

Retro bathroom is also about beautiful mirror frames. So, put a vintage mirror with golden hue color and beautiful carves above the vanity. This arrangement will definitely take you to the past.

Flowery Floor

If you think the pastel color is too vanilla for your taste, you need to step up your decorating game. This time, you need to do something with the floor and make sure it has floral pattern printed on it. It is not necessary to use bright and crazy color for the floor.

Black and white is enough to make a statement. Go with white floor with simple black floral pattern. This idea is very simple but it can invite the right nuance you need to make a beautiful retro bathroom decorating style.