Types of Stones That Can be Used for Landscaping

Your house can be categorized into two main parts, indoor and outdoor. Just like indoor area of your house, the outdoor area of your house also needs to be decorated so that your house can look more attractive and cozy. One of the most essential parts of outdoor areas of your house is your front yard.

To make the front yard of your house looks more beautiful, you need to do landscaping. Basically, landscaping is a process to design the landscape of your house in order to make the landscape looks more appealing. In this process, you might use various materials.

One of them is landscaping stone that can be used to cover the surface of the landscape. Before you start your project, you might need to know what types of stone that you can use for landscaping or outdoor decorating.

Basically, there are several types of stone that are commonly used for landscaping. Each type of these stones has its own characteristics and can provide different appearance to your landscape.

The first type of landscaping stone that you can find these days is granite. This type of stone is known for its wide range of patterns. Granite is also known as the type of stone that has good durability as well. This type of stone can last quite long and can endure various conditions of weather. Granite can be used for building ponds, creating walls, and even used as stepping stones. Large sized granite can be used as focal points on your landscape. Granite might come in various choices of color including pale gray, pink, or even red.

Besides granite, other type of stone that you can use for landscaping is limestone. Just like granite, limestone is the type of stone that can be found easily on the market these days. Limestone is categorized as the type of stone with medium-strong durability. Limestone is also known as the type of stone that has low durability against water. This type of landscaping stone is commonly available in small cut that is usually used for walls.

However, you also can find limestone that came in larger size as well that is suitable for stand-alone landscape feature. Limestone with larger cut usually has better durability against water erosion. Limestone is also available in various choices of colors as well including buff, white, black, and grey.

Other type of stone that can be used for landscaping is sandstone. Sandstone has various level of durability from very strong to very weak. The durability of sandstone will depend on the type of the specimen. Several types of sandstone can weather quickly since this type of stone is considered as porous rock.

However, a little weathering might be good for your landscape since it can give the landscape a more natural look. This type of landscaping stone is usually used as rubble on outdoor areas of a house. Sandstone is also usually used for wall construction.

Large sized sandstone can be used as decoration on waterfall. Sandstone has various choices of color from pink, buff, blue, brown, even to black. This type of stone is available widely on the market with quite affordable price.

Selecting Wall Decor Tips to Get Relaxing Room

Selecting wall decor should be done correctly if people want to create the right atmosphere in the house. Wall becomes the dominant element in the room and that is why people should pay a great attention to the decoration which will be applied to their wall. People can have different expectation about the room. If they want to create the cheerful room, they need specific wall decoration which can make their room looks livelier.

Different wall decoration choice should be taken if people want to get the room which is more relaxing. Here are some tips which can be used.

  • Wall Art

When people are talking about wall decoration, there is no doubt that wall art will be the most favorite choice for many people. However, it does not mean that they can just choose any wall art if they want to create relaxing room especially if they just bought new houses.

Of course art is something personal so people have to choose the artwork which speaks to them. It is better to take time for examining the artwork before they decide to buy it. People think that wall art will always be poster or painting.

However, there can be more options which can be chosen such as wall mirror with simple design or the wall sculpture made from metal. Since people want to create the relaxing room, they have to choose the canvas work which can help them feel calm. Carvings or tapestries can also be chosen as alternative options.

  • Framed Photographs

Relaxing room will be needed for reflecting and recharging. That is why people can choose the wall decoration which can help them to create this kind of space. They can just use the black and white photographs which are matted as well as framed in the picture frame which is simple and monochromatic.

The prints should be uncluttered and it must be free from the backgrounds which can be distracting. This way, there will be a single focal point in the frame. To create Zen space for instance, people need to choose the landscape prints. The loved one which is in the single print with large size can be a great way for infusing the calm energy to the space.

  • Colors

Colors play very important role for creating the atmosphere in the room. That is why people have to choose the right color of wall decoration. Since people want to create the relaxing space, they should choose the colors which appear in the nature.

People can imagine about the tropical retreat which is in their dream. They can imagine about the combination of cool green, soft blue, as well as beige tones which can be seen in the sand, surf, as well as the sky. The shades and also themes should be emulated in their space to get the relaxing space.

There are several options of wall decoration which can be chosen such as paint for the wall decoration backdrop. Decorative screen as well as hanging rugs should be included when selecting wall decor.

6 Window Options That Save Your Energy Bills

Having beautiful window options and it can save your energy bill saving will be great for everybody. The pleasant view can be from the drapes or awning. People tend to beautify the windows only for the appearance of rooms such as kitchen, bedroom, and living room. However, if they choose the suitable materials and right placement, the decoration can help them to save much money.

Especially when the weather is hot, don’t use air-condition too much. Use your windows as the options to get the fresh air.

  • Shades

Window shade is considered as the most effective and also simplest way in energy bill saving. The right installment is the most important thing. You should mount shades very close to the glass and stick right to the wall. It will create the firm seal which can minimize the gain and loss of heat.

Typically, shades come with dual layers which are light color and dark color fabrics. They will improve the function. You can reverse the shades depend on the season. The light color can reflect the summer’s heat and dark color can absorb the heat in winter.

  • Blinds

These window options whether exterior and interior blinds can reduce the heat from the sun. However, it can maintain the light as you like as well the privacy and ventilation. If you close the window, the reflective blinds are able to reduce 45% of heat gain.

It is best to be placed in the west and south facing windows. Based on the function, the exterior blinds work better than the interior blinds. The exterior blinds cover the heat before it comes to windows.

  • Drapes

Based on the color and weight of the fabric, drapes can protect the home from solar heat gain in hot days and heat loss in cold days. Using medium colored window options with white plastic can minimize up to 33% of solar heat gain when it is closed in the hot days. The firm seal should be in the right performance just like other window options.

  • Awnings

Having awnings surely can improve the exterior of the home but it is the best way to defense the heat from the sun. As for energy bill saving, these windows can minimize until 65% of solar heat gain when it is placed in the south facing window. Moreover, the percentage increases up to 77% when it is placed in the west facing window.

There are some things to get more benefits from the awnings. If you choose opaque and woven awnings, they are better than flimsy fabrics.

  • Roof Overhangs

These window options are almost the same with awnings. If you design precisely, they will not cover solar heat in the hot days but they allow the pleasing heat to keep you warm in cold days. You can talk with the architect in design called passive solar. The architect will think about other factors such as climate, window size and also latitude.

  • High Reflectivity Film

The permanent of high reflectivity film is much recommended for climate which only has short cold days. It is better to use silver and mirror-like film rather than the transparent one. It can work very well for big windows. The film in this window options minimizes heat gain all through year which be energy bill saving.