Top 10 Modern Kitchen Window Ideas

Kitchen window ideas should be carefully developed to brighten the atmosphere and to bring life to the room. It can be so much more than a place where you prepare meal. With proper atmosphere, this room will be a delightful place to gather. Here are several modern ideas for your kitchen windows.

Massive Simple Window
You can build a massive window from the floor to almost the ceiling if you have a tall ceiling in your kitchen. Black encase will be a great addition for contemporary touch. It brightens the room and adds the value.

Large Cased on View
If your kitchen has potential view, give free access to the view with large window in the middle. For modern look, you can have it encased with matching color you like. It encourages the fresh atmosphere.

Big Screen Window
Imagine a big screen TV. You should build a window in the same simplicity, like a flat screen so bright and clear, giving free view to the garden outside. Put simple black frame around it for contemporary touch.

Multiple Large Windows
Instead of staying with one boring window, you should remodel one side of your kitchen wall and add several large windows at once to fill the middle side of the wall as kitchen window ideas. It doesn’t only make the kitchen looks bigger but also more expensive.

Clerestory Windows
This window is popular on traditional and country houses. However, it can be unique and modern windows too simply by adding bold color on simple frame. Place the windows right where you can get most sunlight from.

Ceiling Windows
This is one of the ultra-modern designs on trend. Instead of using typical windows on your wall, you can change your ceiling for windows. Of course, you need additional circulation system but you can’t deny the look from your window especially at night.

Tall Window at the End
If your kitchen is long and simple, you should maximize the wall for cabinetry and appliances. As for the kitchen window ideas, install one right at the end of your kitchen. Make it tall, from the floor to almost the ceiling for brightest light.

Multiple Square Windows
If your kitchen is filled with cabinetry and appliances, you should consider installing multiple windows at once in one or two sides of the room. Make it square and let it fills the middle side of the wall.

Eco Friendly Window Wall
Several big windows are made eco-friendly, maximizing the natural energy and air flow. Install those windows on one of your kitchen walls side. Make it tall from the floor right to the ceiling for best look.

Middle and Up Window
This is the best windows for kitchen with dropping roof. On the same side, install simple windows from the middle up to the ceiling and replace the dropping roof. It is dramatic, efficient, and frame will make the contemporary touch.

Those ideas are proven to be wonderful and are highly recommended by so many reputable designers. You shouldn’t choose one that requires a lot of remodeling from your current kitchen interior. Choose one that fits your kitchen and that will work best in the room. For even more elaborated result, you can combine the kitchen window ideas.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, you may find some tips that help you the most. You should clean your kitchen daily as a kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house. Since your kitchen has higher traffic, it tends to be dirty quickly. Besides hat, kitchen is also considered as a place where messy stuff happen every day like eating and cooking. You also have to keep your kitchen clean as it’s usually used as prep area.

Wash up pans, pots and dishes as you cook

After cooking, it would be best to wash up all stuffs you’ve just used. You can begin with a sink full of soapy water and use to clean up everything you need when you are waiting when cooking for example when baking. It’s great to clean everything up after having a meal that can results in clean kitchen as well. You can also let your pans and pots clean up after dinning but just keep in mind to soak it with water for easier clean up.

Making an after meal routine

This kitchen cleaning tips is aimed to ensure that you do cleaning up routine after having your meal. The cleaning up includes:

• Putting away uneaten foods like leftover foods.
• Put all the dirty dishes in your dishwater or you can even wash it with your hand.
• Run the dishwater when it becomes full.
• Wash all pans and pots and other kitchen items used in eating or preparing the meal.
• Wipe down the kitchen table, stove top and countertop quickly.
• Wipe down the sink whenever it gets dirty caused by any grime or grease.

Empty the dishwasher after being used

Nothing can cause a dirty dishes rather than your sink is full of grease. Therefore, you will need to clean it up right away after being used. You can actually do this while you are cooking.

Empty the kitchen trash

As you know, kitchen trash is likely to attract pests and bugs. Furthermore, it can also create horrible odor. Hence, you will need to take the kitchen trash out daily or after doing some activities in your kitchen. Clean the trash bin after removing the trash within as there will likely remained horrible odor within. Clean it with water solution that combines with detergent or liquid soap.

Sweeping the kitchen floor

Sweeping the floor is beneficial especially if you have children in your house. Sweep your floor every day before and after having activities in your kitchen. It’s important as clean floor will lead to pleasant cooking activities as well.

Change the kitchen towel more often

Since towel is used to wipe down all spills, consider having more towels for sure. Try to change it every day. But if you don’t like changing it every day, you can also change it more often. If you find that the towel is soggy and wet, soak it in soapy water with water and detergent solution. Soak it for about fifteen minutes to let the dirt fall off as the final part of kitchen cleaning tips.

Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Improvement

Kitchen is a kingdom for a housewife. This is the area to cook various types of delicious foods for the whole family. It is impossible to cook delicious foods if you don’t have good condition of kitchen. For that reason it is better for you to improve your kitchen first before cooking the best foods.

To give you an idea you can use granite countertops for improving your kitchen. There are several benefits of using granite for your beloved kitchen. For example, granite is good to resist heat along with scratch and stain. Definitely, those three things are commonly found in kitchen and definitely it makes your kitchen looks like a hell. Moreover, this kind of material is also good to prevent your beloved kitchen from mold and mildew. In the sense of design, granite offers more styles and patterns.

From this information you can start to you granite to support your kitchen improvement. After choosing granite as the material you can start to consult with the expert about the best kitchen improvement project to do. It will be great if you get affordable granite to support your improvement project. Soon, you will have a real kingdom to cook some healthy and delicious foods for the whole family and you also have spirit to cook there.