How to Set Your Home Office Lighting

How make your home office lighting differently from commercial space lighting? The most mistake people do when they setting home office they are focus most into big purchase item such as desk, chair and the item for fillings system.

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Lighting for home office often becomes the last thing to consider. They do not realize that poor lighting in a home office can lead into eyestrain, headaches, and it can lead into mood enhancer. Create optimal lighting in your home office by consider several things below.

General tips for setting home office lighting

It’s all about layering when you setting lighting for home office. if you consider different activities in your home office, such as reading, work in computer, workshop desk, and many others, you will realize that the focus intensive task are not able to do with one light source alone. Instead, start setting your home office by illuminate home office with even and soothing warm and ambient light.

It will perfect to set your ambient lights with dimmer switch. This will make you get flexibility to adjust the light level depend on your activities type do and time of day. Second, add task lamps to supplement the central light source on desk and other importance spots.

The role of task Lamp in home office

Task lamp is purposed to give focused source light in specific activities. If you have large home office, and ranges of activities take place, it is best to install dedicated task light for each activities. The placement of your source light is important. It is important for avoid glare and shadows when install lighting.

To prevent shadows that created by task lamps, you can place the light on the opposite side from hand you use to write. If it located in same side your hand and arm will create shadows when you work in your desk.

Improve natural daylight in home office lighting

Natural light improves room ambiance, in addition it can helps to enhance the focus and productivity. In some room, natural light can create overwhelming glare, therefore you can accommodate with simple translucent blinds.

Do not place computer in front of window because it can lead into eyes stress from the brightness behinds that able to create too much contrast. The best position to place computer in on a desk which perpendicular into window.

Home office lighting ideas

Here is how you can cooperate your home office lighting.

· For your ambient lighting, you can consider choosing recessed or ceiling fixtures, mounted fixtures, sconces, or up lighting that will establish overall lighting level in the room.
· For task lights, you can consider desk lamps or floor lamp that located next to chair.
· The accent fixtures such as monopoint, small recessed wall light, or up light from floor.

When layer lighting, it is important for not distract the fixtures and light sources. You can choose one light source such as pendant lighting to make strong statement visually and choose the rest home office lighting option with accent or recessed lighting around the parameter. You might choose efficient LED light for the room.

Finding the Right Set of Equipment for Fluorescent Lights

There are various types of lights those can be used in a building. Among the many options, some people are using fluorescent light. There will be a need to get the good set of ballasts such as the HID ballasts in order to keep the fluorescent light or the metal halide and the high-pressure sodium lighting systems work properly. These ballasts are important things needed by everyone who wish to have good ad steady lighting in their homes or maybe in particular buildings such as the office buildings. Certainly, taking the real good ballasts will be recommended for the sake of better lighting that will last longer.

Ballasts are necessary devices for particular lighting. These devices will be the ones needed to start the light as well as keeping it operated through the proper application. The voltages will be kept in good amount and the life of the lamp will also depend on the ballasts. Generally, ballasts are very heavy with exception for ballasts those are made to be lighter as well as more efficient in energy usage. The HID ballasts are known to be very heavy and known to be the core and coil variety. Despite being heavy, these ballasts are essential part of lighting fixtures. It’s inevitable to check them.

There are various shops providing the various ballasts to be checked and considered. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the place in need of the ballasts as well as the light bulbs those will be used. This might not be an easy thing to be done and finding a shop with good and also cooperative employees will always be a great thing. Try to ask the employees for advices on the right ballasts to be purchased. Ask and consider the suggestions and then compare each option in order to get the best ballasts.

How to Choose Efficient LED Lamps

The LED lamps technology has been around for decades now and in recent years, LED bulbs are getting more and more popular due to its efficient lighting qualities. Beside that, people can use the lamps for decorating house. When compared to other types of light bulbs, LED bulbs require the least wattage to produce the same amount of lumens. The annual cost for LED bulbs also very low compared to other types of light bulbs such as CFL or halogen bulbs. In recent years you can choose the different types in design as well as wattage of LED bulbs so that it will fit more with your necessity. Here are some tips on choosing LED lamps for you.

1. Choose the Right Fittings

When you are looking for LED lamps, make sure that you buy one that has the right fittings with the light socket at your house. If you can, you should bring the old bulb that you own before so that you can replace it with a new that has the same fitting. There are many different LED bulb fittings that you can find. Two of the most common fittings are the bayonet and the screw fittings. To make your shopping trip not completely useless, you need to be sure what kind of fittings your light socket use.

2. Get the Right Brightness and Color

Another thing you need to think about when purchasing LED bulbs is the brightness and the color of your LED lights. The brightness of LED lights range from 400 lumens that will nicely light up a study desk up to 1.300 lumens that can be combined to be able to light up a good sized living room. As for the color, you can choose between warm white and cool white colors. As the name suggest, the warm white will cast warmth throughout the room while the cool white will cast cool nuance to the room. The colors will very much affect the tone and atmosphere of a room so you need to really think about it first before you decide. This is also the CRI level that you need to consider. Basically, the higher the CRI level of your LED bulbs, the more it brings out the true colors of the things place inside the room.

3. Look for the Best Shape

When choosing the fittings, color, and brightness is done, the next thing you need to do is to look for the best shape of the efficient lighting you need to purchase. LED lights come in a various shape and each shape will give different beam angle that will also affect the mood inside a room. The shape of the lights is what differentiates which one of them is right for ambient light and which one of them is right for general lighting. Some of the most common shape is the traditional shape, candle, stick, and screw shape. Aside from considering the shape from when the light is turned on, you should also consider the shape when the light is turned off, whether or not the shape you choose fit to the design and layout of the room where the LED lamps are installed.