Save Money on Custom Home Building Like Architects Do in Their Own Home Building

Save money on custom home is something possible to do since you know the great ideas to build a home economically. It is not something unfamiliar that building a house always demands someone to prepare a great budget. However, it doesn’t happen in architects.

Most architects can design and build their own houses by spending much lower amount of money, but resulting practical houses. It is because architects know best about where they should spend money and also where they should conserve. That is why many architects often make their houses to be in sophisticated structures and simple but look expensive.

Find some ideas below about how architects keeping their projects awesome even they spend less money on the real estate building.

  • Prioritize Some Works

An architect named Jeff Stern from In Situ Architecture firm in Portland said that architects always work hard to get the most important things for them. They don’t start a building process because they want it and then must compromise.

He loves to use triple-glazed windows that consume energy in a very efficient way. Then he also added concrete floors, countertops with plastic laminating, and fir cabinetry that are cheaper and suitable with the windows much.

Meanwhile, an architect named Thomas Gluck from an architecture firm in New York City made a Tower House of his own. He used tinted glass treatment that is commonly applied in commercial buildings. The glass isn’t expensive, but the tint application is quite costly. But the dark glass becomes the central design of the home exterior that blends perfectly to the woodsy environments. The architect save money on custom home he made by having simply designed and finished interior.

  • Be Smart in Choosing Building Supplies

The key to save money in building real estate done by many architects is to be smart in choosing the right materials. As the recommendation of David Wagner from Sala Architects in Minneapolis, you can save money in home building by purchasing the materials that are negligible imperfections because such materials are mostly discounted.

For example, he applied white oak for 1,000 square foot flooring in his house. This material is cheaper and considered as the one in a few lower grades than the material commonly chosen by his clients. Actually, the material only has the flaws on the wood’s knots.

  • Plan a Design that Give a Little Affect to Labor Cost

This is another great idea of lower cost real estate building stated by Marc Manack that works for Silo AR+D Architecture in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He made a T-shaped house in a very modern design for his own. His principle to build the house is to make the infrastructure very easy for the contractors.

The design was made by making the utility hookups in one group and then make the connections in an easy to reach location. The architect also didn’t plan to have furnishings in high end finishing. So he also save money because of the reduced labor costs and he didn’t hire carpenters with great skills. Manack successfully save money on custom home he made.

Smart Tips and Tricks on Dining Furniture Maintenance

Dining furniture maintenance has always been quite tricky especially if you own wooden dining furniture. Wooden furniture can be a little bit pricey but its durability is unexcelled. However, maintaining this type of furniture is kind of hard if you do not know the tips and tricks to do so.

After all, no one wants their beautiful wooden dining furniture to look anything but perfect. Here are some smart tips and tricks to maintain dining furniture.

  • Dusting Is Essential

First thing first, you need to dust the furniture regularly. By doing so, you will prevent the dust to accumulate. Some people may think that dust is harmless because it is just a small particle which happens to stick on the surface of your furniture.

But if it accumulates, you will end up with furniture that is covered entirely by dust and it definitely is not a pretty sight. You also risk the finish of the wood to get scratched by it. All you have to do to prevent that from happening is to dust your dining furniture once a week at the very least.

You can do it by using a soft cloth. First, you need to dampen the cloth slightly with clean water. Next, you can start the dusting process by wiping the entire surface of the furniture. Other than a soft cloth, you are also allowed to use a microfiber cloth which will make easier for the dust to cling to.

However, you should probably avoid using products like Pledge or other dust polish as the silicones in it will damage your furniture.

  • Be Observant

Many people do not realize that the placement of wooden dining furniture is actually really important. One, you need to place the furniture away from heat sources such as a heat register or radiator. That is because the unstable temperature can cause the wood to split or warp.

Two, the levels of humidity have to be watched carefully. You have to make sure that the humidity levels in the dining room will only be between 40-45%. If it gets lower than 40%, it will cause the wood to crack. And if it goes higher, it will cause the wood to swell.

For people who live in countries with four seasons, they have to use smart tricks like turning on their humidifier in the winter and their air conditioner in the summer.

  • Going Unconventional

Some of you may not have heard this but you can actually make use of mayonnaise to get rid of watermark rings on your tabletop which are usually caused by wet glasses. All you have to do is rubbing those marks with any type of mayonnaise you can find.

And to make your furniture shines, you can use a hard carnauba wax to polish it. For this process, you need to use two pieces of soft cloth. One will be used to apply the wax and the other to polish. You can do it two times a year to complete your dining furniture maintenance.

6 Window Options That Save Your Energy Bills

Having beautiful window options and it can save your energy bill saving will be great for everybody. The pleasant view can be from the drapes or awning. People tend to beautify the windows only for the appearance of rooms such as kitchen, bedroom, and living room. However, if they choose the suitable materials and right placement, the decoration can help them to save much money.

Especially when the weather is hot, don’t use air-condition too much. Use your windows as the options to get the fresh air.

  • Shades

Window shade is considered as the most effective and also simplest way in energy bill saving. The right installment is the most important thing. You should mount shades very close to the glass and stick right to the wall. It will create the firm seal which can minimize the gain and loss of heat.

Typically, shades come with dual layers which are light color and dark color fabrics. They will improve the function. You can reverse the shades depend on the season. The light color can reflect the summer’s heat and dark color can absorb the heat in winter.

  • Blinds

These window options whether exterior and interior blinds can reduce the heat from the sun. However, it can maintain the light as you like as well the privacy and ventilation. If you close the window, the reflective blinds are able to reduce 45% of heat gain.

It is best to be placed in the west and south facing windows. Based on the function, the exterior blinds work better than the interior blinds. The exterior blinds cover the heat before it comes to windows.

  • Drapes

Based on the color and weight of the fabric, drapes can protect the home from solar heat gain in hot days and heat loss in cold days. Using medium colored window options with white plastic can minimize up to 33% of solar heat gain when it is closed in the hot days. The firm seal should be in the right performance just like other window options.

  • Awnings

Having awnings surely can improve the exterior of the home but it is the best way to defense the heat from the sun. As for energy bill saving, these windows can minimize until 65% of solar heat gain when it is placed in the south facing window. Moreover, the percentage increases up to 77% when it is placed in the west facing window.

There are some things to get more benefits from the awnings. If you choose opaque and woven awnings, they are better than flimsy fabrics.

  • Roof Overhangs

These window options are almost the same with awnings. If you design precisely, they will not cover solar heat in the hot days but they allow the pleasing heat to keep you warm in cold days. You can talk with the architect in design called passive solar. The architect will think about other factors such as climate, window size and also latitude.

  • High Reflectivity Film

The permanent of high reflectivity film is much recommended for climate which only has short cold days. It is better to use silver and mirror-like film rather than the transparent one. It can work very well for big windows. The film in this window options minimizes heat gain all through year which be energy bill saving.