Some Bedroom Painting Ideas

Bedroom painting is possibly the cheapest and the most fun way to remodel a bedroom. There is no new furniture that you have to buy and add to your bedroom and once the painting job is finished, your bedroom will have an entirely new look. Because the color of your bedroom walls affects, among other things, your mood, painting a bedroom will also give your bedroom an entirely new feel.

bedroom interior

There are some important things to mind when painting a bedroom. You have to choose the right color for the paint, the painting technique that you want to use, the type of paint that you want to use, and the type of paint finish for the paint.

1. Choosing the right paint color

You can choose any desired color when painting your bedroom; however, it is recommended that you pay attention to the size of your bedroom when choosing the color. Dark shades will hardly be compatible with small bedroom as they make the room look cramped. Brighter shades, on the other hand, will create an illusion of space. You can pick any color that you like if your bedroom is large enough, though you have to mind the room decor because the color of the wall is expected to be in conformity with the decor as well. In general, neutral colors will work with most types of room decor.

2. Water-based or synthetic

There are three common types of paint usually used for painting a bedroom: water-based, acrylic and latex paint. Water-based is almost odorless. You can pick this paint if you hate the odor of new paint. If you prefer stronger and more stain-resistant paint, on the other hand, you should go with synthetic oil-based paint, though oil-based paint is rarely used today because of its strong odor, which makes a bedroom feel uncomfortable, and because a bedroom doesn’t actually need a durable paint since it is not considered a high-traffic area.

3. Choosing the right finish

Bedroom paint is available in various finishes, which basically determine how well the paint reflects light. Flat and matte finish is a low shine finish that usually doesn’t reflect much light at all, making it a good choice for hiding imperfections like small holes and bumps on wall. Eggshell finish is almost the same with matte, except that it is shinier and more durable. Satin finish makes the wall looks shiny like silk or satin. It is considered a durable finish that is suitable for areas with relatively high traffic. Its shine will reveal most imperfections that appear on wall. Glossy finish is the shiniest of all. It is rarely applied to wall because glossy paint is more suitable for furniture. Because a bedroom is considered a low-traffic area, matte or eggshell finish might be the best pick for painting it. A faux finish, which gives the wall a fake natural look, such as that of marble or stone, can also be something worth-considering.

4. Choosing the right painting technique

The most basic bedroom painting technique is to apply one color to the entire wall. You just need to soak the roller or brush in the paint and to apply it to the entire surface of the wall without doing anything else. You can always go with this basic technique; however, if you want to make your bedroom look more amazing, you may want to experiment with more advanced painting techniques. You can start with stencil. You can add a simple decorative painting job on the top or bottom border of the wall or in the middle of it with stencils. It is a fairly easy technique to apply because you only need a plate with cutout design. If you have an artistic skill, you can also try to draw murals on the wall. Try those advanced painting techniques to give your bedroom an artistic touch.

With knowledge of all important aspects of bedroom painting, you should be able to figure out how you will paint your bedroom. If you are hiring a handyman to paint your bedroom, bedroom painting knowledge should help you gather everything necessary to ensure the results you wish for.