6 Window Options That Save Your Energy Bills

Having beautiful window options and it can save your energy bill saving will be great for everybody. The pleasant view can be from the drapes or awning. People tend to beautify the windows only for the appearance of rooms such as kitchen, bedroom, and living room. However, if they choose the suitable materials and right placement, the decoration can help them to save much money.

Especially when the weather is hot, don’t use air-condition too much. Use your windows as the options to get the fresh air.

  • Shades

Window shade is considered as the most effective and also simplest way in energy bill saving. The right installment is the most important thing. You should mount shades very close to the glass and stick right to the wall. It will create the firm seal which can minimize the gain and loss of heat.

Typically, shades come with dual layers which are light color and dark color fabrics. They will improve the function. You can reverse the shades depend on the season. The light color can reflect the summer’s heat and dark color can absorb the heat in winter.

  • Blinds

These window options whether exterior and interior blinds can reduce the heat from the sun. However, it can maintain the light as you like as well the privacy and ventilation. If you close the window, the reflective blinds are able to reduce 45% of heat gain.

It is best to be placed in the west and south facing windows. Based on the function, the exterior blinds work better than the interior blinds. The exterior blinds cover the heat before it comes to windows.

  • Drapes

Based on the color and weight of the fabric, drapes can protect the home from solar heat gain in hot days and heat loss in cold days. Using medium colored window options with white plastic can minimize up to 33% of solar heat gain when it is closed in the hot days. The firm seal should be in the right performance just like other window options.

  • Awnings

Having awnings surely can improve the exterior of the home but it is the best way to defense the heat from the sun. As for energy bill saving, these windows can minimize until 65% of solar heat gain when it is placed in the south facing window. Moreover, the percentage increases up to 77% when it is placed in the west facing window.

There are some things to get more benefits from the awnings. If you choose opaque and woven awnings, they are better than flimsy fabrics.

  • Roof Overhangs

These window options are almost the same with awnings. If you design precisely, they will not cover solar heat in the hot days but they allow the pleasing heat to keep you warm in cold days. You can talk with the architect in design called passive solar. The architect will think about other factors such as climate, window size and also latitude.

  • High Reflectivity Film

The permanent of high reflectivity film is much recommended for climate which only has short cold days. It is better to use silver and mirror-like film rather than the transparent one. It can work very well for big windows. The film in this window options minimizes heat gain all through year which be energy bill saving.

Love the Earth with Green Home Decor

Earth is now suffering for global warming that we all need to living green in order to save the earth. The green living is including green decor on your house. With the right concept and the right application, you can make green home while still maintaining functionality and beautiful look of the house.

The first concept of green living is energy saving. In home decor, you can do various things to save energy from the use of lights, curtains, painting, furniture, and more. Lights are consuming energy so you can start from it if you want to save energy. Choosing or change your lights with low energy lighting is the first thing to do. The curtain could help you to save energy if you open it in daytime to allow sunlight entering the room so you should not turn on the light. When you choose brighter color for curtain, painting, and furniture, it can help you to create brighter room without adding new lights.

The other concept of green living is “recycle” that you can apply it at your house by using recycled stuff. Then, when you choose anything for your room, try to find one that made from sustainable material. For example is sustainable wood furniture.