Ceiling Fan Repair Tips

Ceiling fan repair is often considered a professional job. While it might be true most of the times, some problems that cause your ceiling fan to malfunction can actually be repaired without professional help. With such simple tools as screwdriver, you are often able to repair the fan with no trouble. If your ceiling fan seems to be problematic, the following are some troubleshooting tips to repair your malfunctioning fan. Check some of the components below:

the power
If the fan is turned off and you cannot turn it on after turning its switch, you can check its power. Be sure that you turn off the power before working with electricity to avoid danger. A voltage tester can be a handy tool to determine whether there is problem with the power. Parts that you should check include the power switch, wires, and circuit breaker. Check each of those parts and find out which one of them needs replacing.

the control
This is necessary if your ceiling fan is noisy. If you hear humming sound coming out from the fan when you turn it on, there might be problem with its control. Replacing the control with an anti-hum replacement is a fairly easy job. As long as you choose a replacement with the right amperage, there should be no problem that you have to encounter when replacing the control.

electrical box
You should do this if your ceiling fan appears unstable or if it wobbles. Don’t leave this problem untreated for too long because the wobbling may cause more serious damage and may even cause the fan to fall. If your fan appears to be unstable, you should check the electrical box to which it is attached. If the box is not fan-rated, you may want to replace it. Although regular box can be used to accommodate a ceiling fan, it is not powerful enough to bear the weight and the constant movement of the fan.

the flywheel
A flywheel transfers the rotational movement from the motor to the blades. If your fan hums but the blades don’t rotate, the fan’s flywheel might have been worn out or damaged. Finding flywheel replacement and installing it on your fan is a relatively straightforward job that you can do on your own.

your phonebook
If none of the aforementioned tips works, you may need to call a pro. A professional repairer can perform necessary appliance repair job effectively with reasonable fee.

3 Reasons to Hire Appliance Repair Service in St. Peters

Do you know how costly it will be to use appliances that are not perfectly working? If your appliances are damaged or completely not working, you can convince yourself that your appliances need repairing, but you may want to postpone their repair if they are only slightly malfunctioning. You still want to keep your air conditioner even if it doesn’t cool your home sufficiently and you want to keep using your washing machine even if it is a little bit shaky and noisy when you use it. Remember that even if your appliances are slightly malfunctioning, you still need to repair them immediately because if you keep using them, your electricity bills may skyrocket and if they are finally damaged, you have to spend a lot of money to repair them.

You can hire appliance repair St. Peters, MO, if you live there. The following are some good reasons why you should hire an appliance repair service when your appliances are damaged.

1.    By calling an appliance repair service, you can get reliable and guaranteed help to turn your malfunctioning appliances into perfectly working appliances. The repaired appliances will be like new and you only need to spend a reasonable amount of money to revive them.

2.    Even severely damaged appliances are still repairable. When you hire a repair service, the repairer will assess the malfunctioning or damaged appliances and decide whether you can have them repaired.

3.    The hiring cost is always manageable. During the assessment, the repairer will provide you with an estimation of how much money that you have to spend to have your appliances repaired. If you think that the hiring cost is more expensive that the price of new appliances, you can always cancel the deal.

By hiring an appliance repair service, you can make sure that every appliance at your home works perfectly and efficiently. Appliances that are either damaged or slightly malfunctioning often need immediate repair. If you want to have a professional repair them, you should consider hiring an appliance repair service in St. Peters, MO. The repairer can make sure that all malfunctioning appliances that you have will return to their normal condition.