Love the Earth with Green Home Decor

Earth is now suffering for global warming that we all need to living green in order to save the earth. The green living is including green decor on your house. With the right concept and the right application, you can make green home while still maintaining functionality and beautiful look of the house.

The first concept of green living is energy saving. In home decor, you can do various things to save energy from the use of lights, curtains, painting, furniture, and more. Lights are consuming energy so you can start from it if you want to save energy. Choosing or change your lights with low energy lighting is the first thing to do. The curtain could help you to save energy if you open it in daytime to allow sunlight entering the room so you should not turn on the light. When you choose brighter color for curtain, painting, and furniture, it can help you to create brighter room without adding new lights.

The other concept of green living is “recycle” that you can apply it at your house by using recycled stuff. Then, when you choose anything for your room, try to find one that made from sustainable material. For example is sustainable wood furniture.

Different Types of Curtain

Using curtain on your window, you can use it to control the amount of sunlight entering the room and block people to see the inside of the room. Besides useful, curtain is important part to home decor because the appearance of the curtain will influence the beauty of the room. Learning different types of curtains will help you to select one perfect for your house.

Curtains are different by the pleats or the way it is folded and stitches. Four types of curtain pleats are fan pleat, pinch pleat, flat panel, and inverted block panel. The curtains can fall freely or gather in swag using hook and cord.
The other thing that makes curtains different is the way it hanged. Rod pocket curtain is the simple way to make because you only need to fold it one and stitch it to create pocket for the rod. For contemporary design, grommet curtain is popular. The other way to hang it is using rails and hooks or rods with rings. The hooks and rings could be exposed or hidden.

Beside the main curtain, you can add blinds to your window that will create a statement from the color and pattern. If you always disturbed by bright sky in the window, blind will cover it for you.