Metal Loft Beds as Space Saving Ideas

The idea of loft beds is maximize vertical space. The bed is placed high to provide space under the bed. Because the bed is high, the most common material used is metal due to strong characteristic. You commonly see this furniture in children bedroom but you should not confuse loft with bunk bed because bunk bed is two beds in vertical arrangement.

Metal loft bed is perfect solution for small room because it will optimize the vertical space. The space under the bed could be used to place a desk and chair for study. Some of the beds are even completed with desk and shelf. The other use of the space under the bed is as storage to put various things such as toys, boxes, and more. Room owner could use it for anything he or she wants. With more creativity, the space under the bed would be practical, attractive, and beautiful.

When you want to buy loft-bed, you need to consider who will use it. This bed is not suitable for person who afraid of high. Then, you also need to consider the safety of the bed. Steel loft bed is the common choice due to strong and sturdy so it will not break when you climb the ladder and sleep on the bed.