Some Options for Hardwood Flooring Project

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Hardwood flooring maybe becomes one option which people can choose for their home flooring for various flooring options which people can find nowadays. It is not kind of flooring option which comes with cheap price but there are still many people who make this flooring as the option for their home flooring. There are some reasons which make people choose the hardwood flooring after all. Hardwood flooring becomes the perfect option of flooring if people are looking for the flooring which can offer them with comfort. The warmth which can be brought by the hardwood flooring surely will be able to help people get better comfort in their home. Of course it will also be useful for increasing the luxury look in the house. The most important thing is that the house which has hardwood flooring can have higher value when it is sold. There are some stunning ideas which people can use when they want to install the hardwood flooring in their home.

Wide Planks
People can find various options of the hardwood flooring but maybe people will not consider the wide planks as the hardwood flooring which will be installed in their home. However, recently people can see the increasing popularity of the wide plank flooring. It is chosen by many home owners for enhancing the comfort and beauty of their home after all. There are some reasons which make people choose this type of hardwood flooring for their home. Beauty becomes the biggest reason which makes people choose this type of hardwood flooring but people also make this option as their choice because there are fewer seams which can be found from this type of hardwood flooring. The wide planks flooring is offered in various wood types. The wood types can be chosen according to the design of the house of course. If people want to get the rustic look in their home, they should choose the distressed wood plank for their flooring.

Reclaimed Pine
When people choose the hardwood for their flooring, they actually will consider about the comfort and beauty which can be brought by this flooring option. Because it comes with natural look, people will be able to feel the beauty and comfort when it is applied on their flooring. However, people cannot forget about the environmental aspect which is also brought by the hardwood for flooring. Instead of using the flooring for hardwood which is made from freshly cut tree, it is better for people to choose the eco-friendly option with reclaimed pine. People can find the most reclaimed pine from the historical buildings and they will be able to add the historic touch into their home by installing the flooring for reclaimed pine. One thing for sure, people will also be able to get the luxurious look of their home simply by installing this flooring.

Maple Plank
The hardwood actually can be installed in any room in the house including the powder room although some people think that it can only be perfect to be installed in the bedroom or living room. In fact, people can create the powder room which has warmer look by installing the maple plank flooring. People maybe try to bring modern look in the powder room by using the linear mosaic tile in black and white for the powder room wall which can bring the cold look in this space. By installing the maple plank, the power room can get the warmth instantly. People just need to make sure that the maple plank is installed in the powder room which does not come with shower since the hardwood will not be the first choice for bathroom flooring.

Red Oak
If people are looking for the most popular flooring option from hardwood which is chosen by people for their home flooring, there is no question that red oak must be the answer. This flooring choice becomes very popular because it can coordinate with any kind of design style which is used in the house. It comes with beauty since it has the reddish tone. The most important thing is that it is also resistant to wear so it can be installed in the space which has high traffic including living room. This can be a safe option of hardwood flooring.