Types of Stones That Can be Used for Landscaping

Your house can be categorized into two main parts, indoor and outdoor. Just like indoor area of your house, the outdoor area of your house also needs to be decorated so that your house can look more attractive and cozy. One of the most essential parts of outdoor areas of your house is your front yard.

To make the front yard of your house looks more beautiful, you need to do landscaping. Basically, landscaping is a process to design the landscape of your house in order to make the landscape looks more appealing. In this process, you might use various materials.

One of them is landscaping stone that can be used to cover the surface of the landscape. Before you start your project, you might need to know what types of stone that you can use for landscaping or outdoor decorating.

Basically, there are several types of stone that are commonly used for landscaping. Each type of these stones has its own characteristics and can provide different appearance to your landscape.

The first type of landscaping stone that you can find these days is granite. This type of stone is known for its wide range of patterns. Granite is also known as the type of stone that has good durability as well. This type of stone can last quite long and can endure various conditions of weather. Granite can be used for building ponds, creating walls, and even used as stepping stones. Large sized granite can be used as focal points on your landscape. Granite might come in various choices of color including pale gray, pink, or even red.

Besides granite, other type of stone that you can use for landscaping is limestone. Just like granite, limestone is the type of stone that can be found easily on the market these days. Limestone is categorized as the type of stone with medium-strong durability. Limestone is also known as the type of stone that has low durability against water. This type of landscaping stone is commonly available in small cut that is usually used for walls.

However, you also can find limestone that came in larger size as well that is suitable for stand-alone landscape feature. Limestone with larger cut usually has better durability against water erosion. Limestone is also available in various choices of colors as well including buff, white, black, and grey.

Other type of stone that can be used for landscaping is sandstone. Sandstone has various level of durability from very strong to very weak. The durability of sandstone will depend on the type of the specimen. Several types of sandstone can weather quickly since this type of stone is considered as porous rock.

However, a little weathering might be good for your landscape since it can give the landscape a more natural look. This type of landscaping stone is usually used as rubble on outdoor areas of a house. Sandstone is also usually used for wall construction.

Large sized sandstone can be used as decoration on waterfall. Sandstone has various choices of color from pink, buff, blue, brown, even to black. This type of stone is available widely on the market with quite affordable price.