Bathroom Lighting for Different Needs

For interior design, lighting is very important because it will create a different look anytime the light turn on. In addition, beautiful light fixture will add beauty to the room. For bathroom, choosing the right light and fixture will not only important for room appearance but also important to provide you the best place to grooming, relax your body, and refresh your mind.

Vanity lighting is the first to consider because you need enough light when grooming. Vertical fixtures or sidelights are the common options. Another option is directly mount them to the mirror. The next part of the room that needs light is the shower. Recessed fixture is the most common option and if it large bathroom, dedicated light would be needed for the shower.

Bath fixture, number of the lights, and type of the lights will create a different look and different feel on your bathroom. Various fixtures designs are available in the market from classic to contemporary. You can choose one light, two lights, or more to provide you enough light inside the room. For vanity area, you will need bright light so you can see everything clearly. For tub area, you may consider warm light to allow you to relax.